Measuring for Door Panels

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Adding door panels to interior or exterior doors adds privacy, light control, and insulation. Before purchasing ready-made treatments, it is important to properly measure your door. Below we have laid out how to take measurements for door panels, mounted blinds, and mounted shades. 


Measuring Length and Width 

Door panels, blinds, and shades are typically surface mounted on the top and bottom with sash rods or brackets. Mounting door window treatments on the bottom keeps them from moving when the door is opened and closed. We recommend setting the hardware at least 2” out from the glass on either side and at least 2” out on the top and bottom. 

  • Length: measure from the top of the glass to the bottom of the glass and add at least 4”
  • Width: measure from the left side of the glass to the right side of the glass and at least 4”