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Picking the appropriate bed size for your room usually comes down to the overall size of your bedroom and the furniture you will place in it. But how large are each of these mattresses? We hope this article helps you determine the correct bed and bedding for your room.

California King Size Mattress

84” Long by 72” Wide

Many people incorrectly think the California King is the largest bed available. While it is the longest and a popular option for taller people, the standard King is actually 4 inches wider. When shopping for bedding generally you can purchase “King” bedding to fit on a “California King” bed. If you have questions please feel free to ask.

King Size Mattress

80” Long by 76” Wide

The standard king size bed, aka Eastern King, is 80 inches long by 76 inches wide. While it technically has the same surface area as the California king, the standard king often seems roomier due to it’s extra 4 inches of width.

Queen Size Mattress

80” Long by 60” Wide

Queen Mattresses are the most popular bed size and their 60” wide x 80” long dimensions work very well for most households who need a larger bed than a full. The Queen size provides couples more space to sleep comfortably while still fitting in smaller bedrooms.

Full Size Mattress

75” Long by 54” Wide

At 54 inches wide x 75 inches long the full size mattress is a step down in width and length from a queen but offers a sizable increase when comparing to a twin or XL twin bed. Most of our bedding is available in a full size option. While you can’t substitute sheets, in a pinch, a queen size comforter or bedspread will work on a full size bed.

Twin Size Mattress

75” Long by 39” Wide

Twin size mattresses are the size bed most often used through childhood after moving from a crib. Typically twin mattress provides adequate sleeping space for solo sleepers from toddlerhood through the teen years.

Extra Long Twin Size Mattress

80” Long by 39” Wide

The Extra Long Twin is the standard size for most college dorm rooms, a twin XL mattress gives students room to stretch out with its 39 inch wide x 80 inch long dimensions. These beds give the sleeper a lot more leg room and are good for taller kids and adults.