Bedding Styles Guide

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Bedding is available in a wide variety of styles, so let us help you choose the best option for your sleeping style and aesthetic preferences. We stock a variety of top layer bedding styles ranging from cozy comforters to sleek, sophisticated bedspreads. This bedding style guide will help you understand the fit and function of each top layer bedding style so you can choose the option that best suits your needs.  



Bedspreads are often made of a woven or quilted material and are designed to fall to the floor, covering the mattress and space beneath the bed. This creates a finished look without the need for a bed skirt or dust ruffle. Bedspreads are available in a variety of weights, materials, and styles. Throw style and fitted bedspreads are the most common. 

Throw Style – This type of bedspread naturally drapes to the floor, creating a traditional look. The Curtainshop of Maine carries throw style bedspreads in a variety of woven and quilted materials ranging from the classic Martha Washington bedspread to options in modern colors and patterns.

Fitted Style – This style of bedspread also falls to the floor, but is fitted to the bed. This creates a sleek, clean look without the natural folds of a throw style bedspread. This look is achieved by slits in the bottom corners of the bedspread that allow it to lay flat against the bed frame. The fitted style bedspread is ideal for those who like the weight and look of a bedspread, but have a modern aesthetic.


Quilts are often thought to be a traditional bedding option with a patchwork design, but we carry a wide selection of quilts suitable for homes in any decor style. Quilts are lightweight and contain a cotton filling (batting) providing extra warmth for year round use. Choose from solid colors, traditional patchwork designs, and patterns ranging from bold to minimalistic.

Duvets & Comforters

Duvets and comforters have a similar construction to quilts, but are filled with down or alternative down filling. They are lightweight, and typically cover the mattress and boxspring, but do not fall to the floor. Duvets and comforters are specially designed for year round use, providing a lightweight cover in summer and all the warmth needed in winter. At the Curtainshop of Maine you will find a selection of duvets and comforters with various weights of goose down and polyfill. 

Duvets – Duvets are meant to be placed in a duvet cover, not on a bed alone. The duvet cover can easily be removed for washing or to be replaced completely.  

Comforters – Comforters are one piece and do not require a separate cover. They come in a variety of colors and patterns and are a more simplistic design since they can be placed directly on a bed.