Dust Ruffle/Bed Skirt Guide

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Bed skirts, or dust ruffles, add style and elegance to your bedroom. When coordinated with your bedding and the overall mood of the room, they can bring the whole space together. In addition, bed skirts serve another aesthetic purpose by covering the boxspring and space underneath the bed. This will hide any items stored under the bed and help reduce dust buildup. Bed skirts are placed on top of the box spring, and the distance to the floor is measured as the drop or height. The two standard styles of bed skirts are shirred and tailored/box pleated. 


Shirred Bed Skirts

Shirred, or gathered, bed skirts are created by repeatedly gathering the fabric along the top edge to achieve a series of graceful folds. This is the most common type of dust ruffle and is available in various styles. Ranging from a natural, flowing look, to a more traditional pleated look, shirred bed skirts are a great option for a variety of home styles. 

Tailored/Box Pleated Bed Skirts

Tailored bed skirts are created with flat panels of fabric connected by box pleats. This style is simpler in design, creating a clean, modern look. Tailored bed skirts easily blend in with the overall appearance of the room. This makes them a good option for those looking for the functional use of a bed skirt, but do not want to draw attention away from other decorative aspects of the room.